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From cosy to minimalist to creative: 2017 colour trends

Three style collections for a lovely home

Whether in fashion, the colour of a car or the interior of a home – the latest colour trends are one of the most important design elements. According to Pantone, “Greenery” is the colour of the year in 2017. However, [...]

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New trend magazine and trend colour charts for internal sun shading systems

Warema identifies the new season's colour trends

Trend colours are an important element in room design. They are influenced by social flows as well as by new materials, nature and art. In order to track the latest and future popular shades for internal sun shading systems, Warema [...]

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Sustainability at Warema

Plastic from the sea: second use as sun shading

The world’s oceans are a unique habitat. However, more than five billion items of plastic waste in the water put the inhabitants of these oceans at risk every single day. Industry can contribute to the preservation of the oceans by [...]

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Safely and well protected

Preventative fire protection with Warema SecuTex fabric A2

The choice of the right material can save lives. Preventative fire protection is an important issue today when planning and fitting out a construction project. This applies in particular to public buildings and facilities that are open to the public, [...]

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Textile sun shading sets strong accents

Trend for high-quality design and individuality

Plain, block stripes, fantasy stripes and natural designs – there is today a tremendous variety to trends and colours for internal and external sun shading. Today, it offers lots of technical characteristics in the fields of fire, sight and glare [...]

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