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Warema is ready for the future

Clear strategy: orientated to the customer

Warema is well set up for 2016 and ready to use the market potential effectively through structural changes. The sunlight manager is increasing its customer proximity with new service offers and realigning its communications in order to reach other target [...]

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Outdoor Living Trends 2016

New products and extras in the Warema awning programme

Its new awning design enables Warema to add an extra space to your private living area: the patio – live out, feel in. This puts the sunlight manager right on trend, because people are increasingly moving their lives outdoors. With [...]

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New strategy for addressing end users

Warema for the patio: live out, feel in

As of now, Warema is supporting specialised retailers in the area of awnings with a new strategy for addressing end users. The leading sunlight manager declares the patio a special area: live out, feel in. High-grade, shady awnings and lots [...]

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New generation of Warema control systems

State of the art sunlight management

Although it is not possible to control the sun, the sun shading system expert Warema has developed a wide range of solutions to help you manage your light and warmth with technology. The latest control systems for private homes, residential [...]

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Well thought out programme of samples for the initial consultation

New Warema Inside collection for specialised retailers

At Warema, Home Comfort starts with the easy selection of suitable fabrics and samples for your internal sun shading system. The new Inside collection that the sunlight manager has designed specifically for specialised retailers contains an extensive selection of timelessly [...]

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