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Sustainability at Warema

Plastic from the sea: second use as sun shading

The world’s oceans are a unique habitat. However, more than five billion items of plastic waste in the water put the inhabitants of these oceans at risk every single day. Industry can contribute to the preservation of the oceans by [...]

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ProVisio external venetian blind combines glare control with clarity

Perfect light guidance

One architectural trend is for façade designs with large glass surfaces. They offer the occupants a clear view to the outside, and allow plenty of light into the inside. However, these advantages also come at a price: a clear view [...]

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Highly robust and wind-resistant

The new design-orientated slat 80 AF (A6) premium

Buildings need to be prepared for extreme requirements. They are often exposed to the natural forces that can accompany wind and weather. The premium slat by Warema is a high-grade solution where filigree and flexible alternatives are required for the [...]

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WMS temperature sensor

Feel-good climate thanks to temperature-regulated sun control

Now temperature control and sight can be combined with complete ease: the new WMS temperature sensor by Warema facilitates easy control of the sun shading system based on the inside temperature. And with it, the sun shading expert is extending [...]

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No. 1 in energy-efficient sunlight management

Warema: towards the future with competence and innovations

Warema is the European market leader for technical sun shading products. The family-owned company was founded in 1955, and in the more than 60 years of its existence has developed a level of expert knowledge in the world of sunlight [...]

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