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Maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption

Active sunlight management with clever controls

Today there are various future-orientated, clever and convenient solutions for the management of sunlight and warmth. A weather-active building façade will respond flexibly to the environment, increasing energy efficiency and comfort in homes, residential estates and commercial buildings. As well [...]

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New KNX solutions from Warema

Unlimited opportunities

The future of building services is called building automation – and it has already begun. Data-processing bus systems that link sensors and actuators transmit the signals for all the connected products such as sun shading system, light and windows. Sunlight [...]

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Warema solutions for burglary protection, child safety and fire protection

More building safety with a sun shading system

A precisely fitting sun shading system at home and in the workplace is a decisive feel-good factor. It also supports the efficient use of resources, thereby increasing the value of the property. However, a sun shading system by Warema can [...]

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WMS temperature sensor

Feel-good climate thanks to temperature-regulated sun control

Now temperature control and sight can be combined with complete ease: the new WMS temperature sensor by Warema facilitates easy control of the sun shading system based on the inside temperature. And with it, the sun shading expert is extending [...]

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Innovation for trade partners: Warema’s new programming cable “smart”

Easy to set thanks to smartphone intelligence

Easier than ever: Warema’s new programming cable “smart” makes life noticeably easier for trade partners and fitters. This innovative tool is used to set drive stop positions in moments – no need for masses of cables or detailed instructions. The [...]

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