Making more of a bathroom window

Protection against curious looks

In city apartments in particular, internal bathrooms without daylight and fresh air are the norm. Lucky indeed to have a bathroom with a window. But then the question arises: how can I prevent the room from becoming unpleasantly warm in […] 

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Controlling light and shading at the touch of a button

Intelligent sun shading systems in the Smart Home

The future is here: the networked home is, to a greater or lesser extent, now part of daily life. On the one hand, regular processes are performed automatically over the course of the day, while on the other, appliance settings […] 

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50Hertz Netzquartier in Berlin has annual shading by Warema

Intelligent sun shading control system: wind and sun included in the calculations

Berlin has acquired yet another architectural highlight in the 50Hertz Netzquartier in the Europacity district. The new company headquarters of this electricity transmission system operator is close to the main railway station and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Honoured by […] 

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Enjoy light from the outside on the inside as well

Individual daylight control with modern external blinds

A room’s atmosphere changes as the daylight changes. The fresh, pale rays of the morning sun paint different pictures with light and shadow from the gliding light at noon and the intensively coloured rays of the setting sun in the […] 

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Warema uses technological change to boost development

Growth in international business

Good year in 2016 / Sales grow by more than six percent / Technical progress as a development driver The Warema Group was able to further develop its success in the last financial year. 2016 proved to be extremely positive, […] 

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