1. Warema pleated blinds
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  2. Warema internal venetian blinds
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  3. Warema external venetian blinds
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  4. Warema pleated blinds
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  5. Warema roller blinds with Sea-Tex-fabric
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  6. Warema internal venetian blinds
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  7. Warema external venetian blinds
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  8. Warema cassette roller blind S
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  9. Warema bracket roller blind M with dim-out fabric
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  10. More than 430 fabrics for the bathroom
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  11. Warema internal venetian blind
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  12. Warema pleated blinds
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  13. Warema pleated blind
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  14. Warema cassette roller blind
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  15. Warema bracket roller blind M with semi-transparent fabric
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  16. Warema internal venetian blind
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Protection against curious looks

17.08.2017 -  

In city apartments in particular, internal bathrooms without daylight and fresh air are the norm. Lucky indeed to have a bathroom with a window. But then the question arises: how can I prevent the room from becoming unpleasantly warm in summer? What kind of stylish protection is there against curious looks from outside that doesn’t spoil my lovely views? And what kind of sun shading is suitable for the climatic conditions in damp locations? The sun shading expert Warema has the right solutions that fulfil all these requirements and more.

A window in the bathroom provides brightness and helps the air to circulate. Whether facing the street or the garden, on the ground or an upper floor, most occupants need some kind of visual privacy that keeps curious looks at bay. Frosted glass is a popular solution, but it also prevents the occupants of the room from seeing out. Plus it offers no protection against strong solar radiation that dazzles or heats the room up in summer. A combination of external and internal sun shading with automatic control offers the occupants numerous advantages, because it also provides the maximum energy efficiency. The sun’s heat can already be caught outside the window in summer, and heat loss is kept to a minimum in winter. And thanks to the optimum daylight utilisation, less artificial lighting is required, so energy costs are lower as well.

The candidates: roller blinds, pleated blinds and venetian blinds
External sun shading for the bathroom is no different from anywhere else. However, internal sun shading does have different requirements. Popular solutions are roller blinds, pleated blinds and venetian blinds. Depending on the design, roller blinds are ideal for almost any size of window and, thanks to the height-adjustable curtain, offer targeted protection against looks and the sun. They are available in lots of patterns for individual window designs. Pleated blinds are particularly suitable for smaller window areas, as they create a homely atmosphere and are easy to fit. The fabric is pleated like a harmonica, and radiates a holiday atmosphere with its rather oriental charm. Thanks to the flexible louvres, the occupants can measure the amount of light that falls into the room individually, which helps to create a pleasant interplay between light and shade. Available in an extensive range of colours, the curtain can be chosen to match the surroundings. Particular advantages of Warema branded products are that they can be customised for any installation situation and the tremendous range of creative design options. 

From transparent to opaque
It starts with the fabrics for roller and pleated blinds, which must be suitable for use in damp locations. As showering produces more steam and humidity in a bathroom is generally high, the fabrics are coated and water-repellent so they do not absorb the moisture. Warema has a range of over 430 fabrics that can be used in bathrooms. There is a choice of colours and patterns that can either set specific accents or blend harmoniously with the surrounding area. So the design of the sun shading system can create an individual atmosphere in the room, and make the window the focal point. The occupants can also choose from various fabric qualities, which range from slightly transparent to completely opaque, to suit their requirements and personal wishes.

Unique solutions for individual bathrooms
Another practical solution are fabrics with a reflective coating on the outside. The sunlight bounces back off them, which prevents the room from heating up in summer. Sun shading in Sea-Tex, a fabric that is made from recycled plastic products retrieved from the ocean, is especially sustainable. It is available in five natural shades, and can be used for roller blinds in the bathroom. Venetian blinds can be used for solutions that are either subtle or eye-catching. Occupants can choose the slats and aluminium parts of the boxes and cover panels to suit the rest of their colour scheme. Individual powder coating adds the perfect finishing touch to a sun shading system, turning it into a decorative design feature.

Those who would like to obtain maximum benefit from their bathroom window will find they can increase the benefits of a window even further with the right sun shading system. For the perfect combination of a view, glare control and energy efficiency with fresh air and daylight.

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