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Intelligent sun shading systems in the Smart Home

20.07.2017 -  

The future is here: the networked home is, to a greater or lesser extent, now part of daily life. On the one hand, regular processes are performed automatically over the course of the day, while on the other, appliance settings can easily be individualised as required. What is essential in the modern Smart Home is an intelligently controlled sun shading system. It offers the occupants considerable benefits and a unique feeling of homeliness with more comfort, safety, efficiency and ease of use.

Most people today know the benefits they can expect from smart technology in the home: more home comfort, and significant energy savings. The sun shading expert Warema has summed up the benefits of the networked home beyond that, and the role that shading plays.

Sit back and let the technology do the work
One of the most noticeable plus points is the additional ease of use, to say nothing of the comfort. Any everyday action that can be automated in the Smart Home will save time and effort, and help with structuring the course of the day. So, for instance, the roller shutters in the children’s rooms can always be closed automatically at the same time – as a helpful reminder that it is time for bed. For the occupants, this means handing over a little bit of responsibility and having more time for more important things.

Like an automatic house-sitter
Safety is also increased in the smart home by the automatic sun shading system. When the occupants are out, presence simulation is an effective deterrent for uninvited guests. The house looks lived-in even when they are on holiday if the roller shutters go down automatically in the evenings and up in the mornings. Additional safety aspect: In bad weather, awnings, external blinds or roller shutters retract automatically, which prevents them from being damaged by strong gusts of wind.

Use natural energy
For many people, the increased energy efficiency is part of the charm of a modern Smart Home. Intelligent control of the sun shading system based on the solar radiation and daylight helps to reduce the energy consumption for, for instance, heating and artificial lighting in the home. Which is good for the environment as well as for the bank balance. At the same time, it also creates the perfect ambience for well-being and relaxing.

Well-being at a click
And finally, a smart sun shading system is also fun to operate. A simple click is all it takes to create the personal climate of choice at home. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users can easily control the settings for a number of products to suit their preferences. The preferred temperature and brightness are key factors in our well-being, and thus also for our health and satisfaction.

Reliable control
One control system that combines all these advantages is the Warema Mobile System (WMS). As a radio remote control for the discerning user, the system combines state-of-the-art technology with aesthetic design. Thanks to WMS WebControl, the sun shading products can easily be controlled by app or web browser. The particular strengths of WMS include the high level of transfer safety. This means that the control commands that are passed on from receiver to receiver – known as the routing function – can also reach products that are a long way off. The control commands will find the best way to their destination. As all WMS components are also transmitters, they can confirm to the user’s control panel when the sun shading system has carried out the move command. The coding of the radio network ensures that WMS also works reliably in apartment blocks without “interference” from neighbours.

Sensor automation
Those who wish to automate their sun shading system can use WMS sensors to carry out any actions independently. There is a choice of temperature sensor, wind sensor, the WMS Weather station eco with solar panel which does not require an external power supply, and the WMS Weather station plus that is used for modernisations and new-builds when a line can be laid to the outside. The sensors measure brightness, dusk, wind, precipitation, ice (combination of outside temperature and precipitation), plus the inside temperature, and pass the figures on to the receiver. Special feature of WMS: all sun shading products can be automated individually. This means that a separate limit value can be set for every product upon which the move command is based. Settings can easily be made on a PC using the WMS Studio software, and transferred to the radio network by USB stick.

Numerous functions for terrace and balcony
Even if the decision for a smart home was not made upon moving in, the Warema Mobile System with its radio motor, plug receiver, actuator and solar-operated Weather station eco is ideal for retrofitting. Along with external sun shading systems such as roller shutters, external blinds and awnings, and internal sun shading systems such as roller blinds, countless other products on the terrace and balcony can be controlled as desired to create a “feel-good living room” outdoors. These additional functions include dimmable LED stripes on awnings, radiant heaters and a wind sensor that retracts awnings when the wind is too strong.

It’s clear: Smart Home technologies have plenty of benefits. So why not start your modernisation with an intelligent sun shading system?

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