Individual daylight control with modern external blinds

12.07.2017 -  

A room’s atmosphere changes as the daylight changes. The fresh, pale rays of the morning sun paint different pictures with light and shadow from the gliding light at noon and the intensively coloured rays of the setting sun in the evening. Every time of the day and year creates a different mood. Which means it is even more important to be able to decide how much sunlight is required for one’s own well-being. Or to put it differently, how much of the outdoors to enjoy indoors. Controlling the light is perfectly simple with external blinds by Warema.

Anyone who sets about making life comfortable in their own four walls experiences time and again just how much the individual enjoyment of life is determined by the right lighting. Artificial lighting can never be as beneficial to the body and mind as natural light is. Staging daylight to suit one’s own requirements is therefore a key element in interior design. Nature and home blend with the incidence of light from outdoors, which can be adjusted to individual requirements in summer and winter. Rather than simply blocking out the sun, or letting it in, the atmosphere on the inside is consciously influenced by controlling light and heat.

Less artificial lighting means lower costs
This is possible because external blinds – called external venetian blinds in specialist circles – are made of individual louvres. The angles can be set to allow just the amount of daylight into the room that suits the occupants at the time. This could well be more on dull, cloudy days, and significantly less on hot, bright summer days. Specific control of the natural light reduces the amount of artificial lighting required, which in turn reduces energy costs. Furthermore, external blinds by Warema offer reliable sight and glare control against blinding sun and curious glances from passers-by.

In summer, external blinds capture the heat from the sun’s rays outside the window before they are able to penetrate the glass and heat the room beyond it. This saves on the energy required to cool the room. On cold winter’s nights, they increase the heat insulation, which creates a pleasant climate and reduces heating costs. And if combined with automatic control, external blinds will not only greatly increase personal well-being, but the energy efficiency of the building as well.

Sun shading as a design feature
However, the atmosphere on the inside is not the only thing that can be affected by external blinds. They also become an attractive feature on the building façade, their modern looks greatly enhancing the look of the building. Warema offers a broad range of styles that can be selected specifically to match the architecture and colour of the building, as well as versions with different functions and a range of models to suit any installation situation – from new builds and refurbishments to façade variations and conservatories to shading for rooms with different purposes, such as bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms.

People who prefer not to leave the amount of daylight in their homes to chance do well to take control in their own hands and opt for external blinds by Warema.

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