1. On the online platform myWarema, retailers will find everything at a glance from processing orders to advertising materials and seminars.
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  2. myWAREMA provides professional support for daily working life.
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  3. With myBusiness, direct access to personal quotation and order data is possible at any time.
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  4. User-friendly, comfortable and suitable for mobile devices - the new online platform myWarema.
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One platform. Everything under control.

06.06.2017 -  

The sun shading expert Warema has redesigned its online platform. Now in a modern design and with additional functions plus extended services, the platform provides specialist dealers with the optimum support in their daily business activities. From processing orders to interactive programs for planning and sales, users now have absolutely everything under control.

In order to ease their daily working lives for its trade partners as much as possible, Warema has now recreated its customer portal myWarema in a user-friendly look and with simplified navigation for easier use. It is also suitable for mobile devices, so can be used on-site anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. All they have to do is log on, and users will instantly have access to the platform’s four different areas.

The online shop can now be found under myBusiness (formerly myWarema). Thanks to the intuitive menu, producing offers and processing orders is now even easier and faster than ever before. Several baskets, individualised offers, more targeted search results and faster product configurations are only some of the many advantages of the optimised online shop. Automatic price information on the basis of their own conditions, and automatic structural and feasibility checks provide planning safety.

The menu item Services & Tools contains interactive programs that make consultations, planning and sales of the sun shading systems noticeably much easier. The applications are easy to understand, clearly laid out and extremely user-friendly. They enhance customer competence, and also offer numerous options for targeted use in daily working life.

Stephan Kliegl, General Manager Sales at Warema: “This digitalisation of business processes is an important factor for success in daily working life today. Our specialist partners also benefit from myWarema, as it simplifies many daily tasks and speeds them up. Specialist dealers can use the online platform as a central point of contact with us, and also have direct access to all order and customer details and order histories. We also want to elevate our service to our customers to an improved and contemporary level with our more comprehensive, more clearly arranged portal.”

Trade partners can register online at http://my.warema.com.

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