1. Warema campaign Home Comfort spring
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  2. Warema campaign Home Comfort summer
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  3. With the virtual reality glasses directly brought into the happening.
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  4. Eye-catching support for the showroom
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  5. External blinds for the perfectly right amount of light inside
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Outdoors and indoors redefined

30.05.2017 -  

The changes in daylight constantly change a home. The amount of light that someone on the inside enjoys is best defined by that person by using external blinds such as external venetian blinds. This freedom to choose one’s own feel-good atmosphere in one’s own four walls is what the sun shading expert Warema’s new multi-channel campaign is all about. The special highlight that addresses the end customer is an innovative virtual reality film.

In the four emotional motifs of the “Home Comfort” campaign, each one inspired by a different season, the end customer is reflected in their familiar environments: at home, and at leisure. The pictures create the desire to stage daylight as one wishes. And they create the desire to know more about how external venetian blinds work. In order to use the right terminology for the end user, the term “external blinds” is used in the campaign. This is something most people will be familiar with, and is also the term they use when asking about the product.

Experience a new world with virtual reality
The picture language links the home with the loveliest moments in nature in the current season, which creates some fabulous feel-good places. Warema has brought the current spring motif to life in a video clip as well as a virtual reality film with a strong emotional effect, which the specialised retailer can show to the end customer in their showroom. Thanks to the 360-degree perspective, customers can experience up close how a businessman can raise the external venetian blinds using a smartphone, bathing the room in more and more daylight. The room ambience changes with the increasing incidence of light, as does the entire scene – with a surprising final effect.

Customers are brought directly into the happening with the virtual reality glasses. The film can be called up on a smartphone that is inserted in the glasses. Film and print motifs transport end customers into a world where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur. They experience how to create a feel-good ambience with individual daylight control, and adjust it to their current requirements. Rather than simply blocking out the sun, or letting it in, the atmosphere on the inside of the room is consciously influenced by controlling light and heat.

Decor package for partners
Warema’s big multi-channel campaign is designed to support the daily business activities of its specialised retailers. “Home Comfort” presents life with external venetian blinds both online and offline so that retailers are able to benefit from the end users’ increased awareness, so it becomes a part of the campaign that continues in the store. And in order to respond optimally to demand, Warema will be supporting retailers with current advertising tools that, thanks to the memorable motifs, have a very high level of recognition. There is also a comprehensive package of measures ranging from advertising templates to posters or banners for the sales room, as well as seasonal special surprise highlights.

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