1. Warema Moodboard of the style collection Deep Comfort
    Nr. Warema Moodboard Trendwelt Deep Comfort 83005389v1 (1.8 MB)

  2. Warema bracket roller blind of the style collection Deep Comfort
    Nr. Warema Träger-Rollo Trendwelt Deep Comfort 19345v2 (2.8 MB)

  3. Warema curtain panel of the style collection Deep Comfort
    Nr. Warema Flächenvorhang Trendwelt Deep Comfort 15996v1 (7.4 MB)

  4. Warema Moodboard of the style collection Human Pale
    Nr. Warema Moodboard Trendwelt Human Pale 83005390v1 (1 MB)

  5. Warema pleated blind of the style collection Human Pale
    Nr. Warema Faltstore Trendwelt Human Pale 19773 (2.6 MB)

  6. Warema cassette roller blind of the style collection Human Pale
    Nr. Warema Kassetten-Rollo Trendwelt Human Pale 18334v2 (2.6 MB)

  7. Warema Moodboard of the style collection Color Base
    Nr. Warema Moodboard Trendwelt Color Base 83005391v1 (900.4 KB)

  8. Warema curtain panel of the style collection Color Base
    Nr. Warema Flächenvorhang Trendwelt Color Base 18356v1 (3 MB)

  9. Warema vertical louvre blind of the style collection Color Base
    Nr. Warema Vertikal-Jalousie Trendwelt Color Base 19774 (1.8 MB)

Three style collections for a lovely home

14.02.2017 -  

Whether in fashion, the colour of a car or the interior of a home – the latest colour trends are one of the most important design elements. According to Pantone, “Greenery” is the colour of the year in 2017. However, that is not to say that we should envelop ourselves from head to toe, and from carpet to ceiling, in a fresh green. Thankfully, the colour range is a little more extensive. The sun shading expert Warema has defined three style collections that reflect the latest colour trends – not only for textile sun shading systems, but for the entire interior design.

A professional trend team of sun shading and design experts worked with the trend agency zukunftStil to determine the latest colour trends. The investigations included social flows, material developments, trade fairs and art exhibitions, as well as findings from design blogs. Everything combined provides the professionals with a clear image of what the home of the 2017/2018 season will look like. And best of all: there is guaranteed to be something for all tastes.

Deep Comfort – the new comfort
This style collection harks back to bygone days, and gives them an elegant new interpretation. Influences from the 60s and 70s are seen above all in the hues between cognac and brown, berry and aubergine, beige and olive. The deep, dark shades radiate comfort and cosiness. Subtle Art Nouveau patterns with flowing tendrils and plant motifs go well with authentic materials such as stone, coloured marble and dark woods. A touch of opulence is added by metallic accents in gold and brass. The overall result is an elegant and harmonious ambience that can be protected from dazzling light and curious glances by internal sun shading products in matching colours. 

Human Pale – the focus is on the individual
In this style collection, the entire room design focuses on the essential: the individual. It is in perfect harmony with nature and design and, thanks to the understated interior, has the freedom to develop. The beneficial lightness in this ambience is achieved by aspects such as the light pastels in subtle hues including jade, white, grey, light blue and matt earth shades. Textile sun shading in the soft trend colours enhances the room’s positive energy. Furniture and accessories in light woods, concrete, porcelain, glass, clay, felt and silk also help to shape it with the naturalness of their characters. And don’t forget plants – they help to bring nature indoors.

Color Base – the energy of colour
The interior in this style collection is extremely confident and creative. Strong colours literally make the room glow, and are popular choices for adding a little competition in colour blocking. Perfect design accents here are sun shading products in bright colours, because they create colourful areas that catch the eye. Other options for using colour to specifically direct the attention are bright sofa cushions, an accent wall or other flashes of colours in the form of an armchair, chair, lamp or rug. Important: This effusive colour delight is enclosed by puristic forms and clear lines. Delicate pastels also neutralise experiments with colour. So specific contrasts and the most diverse materials can be used to create a harmonious picture.

There are so many design options. Now it’s about seizing them, and trying out the latest colour trends in internal sun shading systems in one’s own home. For ideas and inspiration, see the new Inside trend magazine, available to download at www.warema.de/trendmagazin.

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