Warema supports architects, planners and tradesmen through virtual 3-D product models

08.09.2015 -  

Warema Renkhoff SE is one of the first companies in the industry to make BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects available for “ArchiCAD” and “Revit” CAD programmes. Three particularly powerful products are now available on www.bimobject.com for downloading free of charge: standard external venetian blinds with beaded slats, window awnings with ZIP guidance and internal project roller blinds.

Further “Revit” models can be found on the SunLight Manager’s website.

The new trend in the building industry using virtual 3-D data for planning will replace conventional building planning in the foreseeable future. The biggest advantage of planning with BIM is the system’s interdisciplinary approach: All planners, tradesmen and suppliers work on a single 3-dimensional model. The parametrically structured product models contain extensive detailed information and can be imported directly into the CAD software as early as the draft phase.

A virtual version of the building is “built” before the start of actual construction, allowing errors, problems and disruption factors to be detected and addressed in advance. As a result, the risk of errors during real construction is drastically reduced, which typically means that the building project is completed on time and within budget. This new service by Warema supports architects and planners in their daily work and is an important step toward the future. Tradesmen involved in BIM projects will also experience long-term benefits from the use of building data models. This method will optimise all processes – from preparing quotes to installing and maintaining sun shading systems.


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